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Ideas for creative composites


This week, my blog post is about different ideas that I want to incorporate in my creative composite project.  Composites are made up of multiple images that are merged into one single image.  It is really neat to be able to create anything you want in one photo just by using composites. I have always thought that the composites with the giant dogs and the small humans are awesome. I am thinking that having my doggos in my composite would make it really cool. I want to make this project about things that I love so I will also want to have the beach and elephants in my composite as long as it does not get to be too hectic. I have not completely made up my mind with what I am hoping to create, but I am sure that it will turn out pretty well!


– Megan Wright

Commercialphotography · Nature · ncphotographer · Nikon · northcarolinaphotographyschool · Photography · rcc · Wildlife

Taking time for myself



Last week, my professor said something in one of our lectures that really made me think. He said that we should not only be making photos for school assignments, but we should also be making photos for ourselves. After he said that, I decided to work on taking more photos for myself. I have always wanted to capture the hummingbirds that are almost always stopping by the feeder we have for them at my house. While setting up to take the photos, I had to be absolutely still so I would not scare them away. This was also a great time to just have time to myself without any distractions like my phone. It is so easy to pick up the phone and get totally absorbed in it that we forget to enjoy the real world. It was only a short break from my phone but it was still very refreshing. I hope to go back and try to capture the humming birds mid-flight.


– Megan Wright