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Little World





This week in our digital imaging class, we learned how to make a little world with our panoramic photos. It was really cool to make and it truly does look like a little world. These are the photos that we got to use in class to practice. The top photo is the panorama and the bottom photo is the panorama turned into a little world. This was a really fun skill to learn during my last day of this class before I start my internship next week. I have really learned a lot more about Photoshop in the class and I know that I can carry these skills with me.


-Megan Wright

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In one of the photography classes I am taking this summer, we started a blog. The idea is to post a least one photo a week.  This is my very first post on my very first blog so bare with me. With anything new in life, things can be intimidating but as long as we try our best and want to improve, we should be just fine.

I have never really been one to enjoy school. I honestly never thought I would find anything that would make me want to be in school and learn as much as I can. I believed this up until I learned about the photography program at Randolph Community College. At first I honestly did not want to go because I was nervous about starting school so late in the game. As I thought more about it, I stopped caring about how old I was and got excited to finally have a career that I am passionate about. After going on a tour in the photography program with my Grandfather, I absolutely fell in love with it and knew that I belonged there.

During my first semester I learned not only more about photography than I ever could have imagined, but I also learned a lot about myself. I have learned to not be embarrassed to ask questions because we are all trying to learn. I have learned how much smarter I am than I actually thought I was and maybe I feel smarter now because I actually want to learn.

With every new semester I become smarter and grow so much. I know my images are nowhere near being perfect but if you keep up with my blog, you will be able to see me grow and become better. My first blog post comes with a photo of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Finley. He was my subject for one of the weekly assignments we had in our small format photography class. The assignment introduced us to a lens called a lensbaby. At first I was scared to try it but I am glad that I did. The cool thing about the lensbaby is that you can actually bend and turn it anyway you chose to make part of your image sharp and the background blurry.

I am so excited to be learning and I will be updating my blog at least once a week for anyone who would like to keep up with my journey in photography school.

-Megan Wright