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Trust the process


I have just finished my first week back at school as a second year student! I am now taking classes with my fellow commercial photography majors and I could not have picked a better bunch of classmates! Even though I have only been back for one week, I have already learned so much. One of the assignments I had this week was learning to use capture one software and tethering my camera so that I can see and control what I am doing from the computer. All I had to do was get my subject in focus with my camera and then the rest of it was controlled by using capture one on the computer. The photo on the left is my wonderful friend Nicole who so graciously modeled for me during this assignment, and the photo on the right shows you the setup and how I was able to see what my camera was seeing from the computer! I cannot wait to learn more and be able to continue growing in my photography!


-Megan Wright

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Making the Invisible Visible


Wherever there is light, One can Photograph. – Alfred Stieglitz


For this weeks post, I decided to show the photos from my glass assignment. We had to light the same glass in the studio and create two images. One of the images had to be a bright field image, which means the light would bend and create black lines around the glass. The image with the white background is my bright field image. The second images had to be a dark field images, which means that the light would bend and create white lines around the glass. The image with the black background is my dark field image. This assignment was challenging but I learned a lot from doing it. Lighting glass without having any flare is tricky. This assignment taught me how to properly light glass. I am proud of my final images and cannot wait to learn more.


-Megan Wright