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Advanced Portrait Retouching

portrait lab


This week in our digital image technology class, we focused more on retouching photos. A good edit is one where the photo still looks natural and looks as if it was not edited in the first place, unless you have the before and after photos side by side. For this assignment we had to take a photo and retouch it. I chose to photograph my dad. He is always willing and patient when I ask if I can photograph him. I think my editing skills are becoming a lot better. My dad told me that he looks ten years younger in the edited version of the photo. I still believe that everyone is beautiful and retouching too much can cause someone to not even look like themselves anymore. When I retouch photos I want to still be able to see the texture of the skin because that is natural and to me, that is beautiful. I am excited to learn more and become even better with my craft everyday.


-Megan Wright


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